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Accelerate, simplify and improve research and cancer diagnostics with visualization-based analysis.

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Generate more and better results from your omics data

Data analysis

Expand capabilities for disease subtyping

Clinical diagnostics

Research and advance in tandem with drug development

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Get more and better answers from your data

Advances in next-generation sequencing are giving us the raw data to research, explore and improve diagnosis, with more ambition than ever. Qlucore visualization-based solutions make it easier for researchers, technicians and physicians to easily explore, interpret and make clinical decisions.

Success stories

“Overall, Qlucore is an intuitive and comprehensive toolset empowering scientists to understand the story that data tells, without an obligation to consult with biostatistician for every minor detail of upcoming analysis.”
Analyzing protein data sets using Qlucore Vera Nezgovorova, Postdoctoral Associate, Yale School of Medicine , CT, USA
"With Qlucore, you can see how things are changing in real time when you set a p-value cut-off for statistical analysis. Also it's flexible, so you can run custom R scripts if required."
Elena Matsa PhD, Cell Biologist and Ipsc specialist, Stanford University, CA, USA
"Qlucore enables very rapid and intuitive data analysis. By that scientists themselves are doing advanced bioinformatics analysis."
Matthew Arno Phd, Genomics, Centre manager, Kings college London, UK

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Qlucore was founded by a multi-disciplinary team with a passion for transforming complexity into clarity—and a vision to unite research, diagnosis and care in the pursuit of precision medicine.

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