Qlucore Omics Explorer

Take control of your experiment data

Qlucore Omics Explorer delivers powerful, flexible and easy-to-use visualization of big data for fast analysis and results. It gives you better control of your data, reveals potentially more patterns and insights at a glance, makes it more efficient to generate, validate and report results and provides context for asking better questions and optimizing bioinformatician support.

Qlucore Omics Explorer is designed on the principle of dynamic data management and visualization to give every scientist or clinician control of their own experiment data. The software is intuitive to use, and responds instantly to input—smoothing your workflow by eliminating disruptive lags. Qlucore Omics Explorer is an off-the-shelf tool that combines the complex capabilities of custom programming with the familiarity and ease of use of commercial programs. It’s the simplest, most accessible power tool for managing the high volumes and complexities of today’s experiment datasets.


Everyone’s an expert 

Combining powerful statistics and instant visualization generates powerful analysis options and exciting results of any type of omics data.  

Researchers without bioinformatics expertise can capably work with today’s most advanced analysis models, templates, filters and statistical methods to instantly capture more value from their data and advance their work in the most promising directions. 

Never miss a result

Instant visualization of data gives a comprehensive overview and lets you easily detect signals and patterns that lead to new findings and results.  

Work interactively with active plots from one or multiple data sets—results are shown immediately in all open plots, making it easy to visualize several aspects of data simultaneously 

Optimize your workflow 

Tailor your workflow and exploration to meet your specific needs.  

Qlucore Omics Explorer provides advanced processing and analysis features that enhance results and support cutting edge research. While being simple and intuitive enough to give non-experts full control over their own experiment data in real time. 

Collaborate and publish effectively 

Powerful tracking and report-generating features make validation and sharing simpler. 

Sharing of informative results for collaboration or publication is easy and flexible, with options including images in a wide range of formats, variable lists with or without data, videos, detected variants, PCA components, covariance matrices and more. 

Visualization is a center piece

Work interactively with active plots from one or multiple data sets—results are shown immediately in all open plots, making it easy to visualize several aspects of data simultaneously. 

A wide selection of 2D and 3D plots are available to enhance exploration and analysis and show results.

Easy deployment

Qlucore Omics Explorer is available both for local installations and as a cloud service. This makes deployment easy and flexible.

How it works

Qlucore Omics Explorer is easy to use and easy to get started with. Check out How it works for details.

Success stories

"With Qlucore, you can see how things are changing in real time when you set a p-value cut-off for statistical analysis. Also it's flexible, so you can run custom R scripts if required."
Elena Matsa PhD, Cell Biologist and Ipsc specialist, Stanford University, CA, USA
"Qlucore allows me to do analysis on my own. There are things that I know are biologically relevant that I can check on the fly."
Steven Kornblau Professor of Medicine, Md Anderson cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA
“I’m very excited using Qlucore Omics Explorer which besides the 3‐D dynamic PCA also offers a broad range of statistical methods such as t‐test, ANOVA and regression.”
Philippe Guardiola PhD, Plateforme SNP, Transcriptome & Epigenomique, University Hospital Angers, France