Instant exploration is one of the key features in Qlucore Omics Explorer. As a user, you decide your own workflow and starting point. You are in control and can tailor the exploration to meet your specific needs.

To drive new results, Qlucore Omics Explorer puts control of the data exploration in the hands of the user.

To enhance the results and support cutting edge research a number of functions are supported: 

  • Extensive coloring options. Data can be colored according to clinical information as well as expression level, p-value and q-value. 

  • Visualize multiple annotations at the same time both in 2D and 3D plots such as PCA using a combination of colors and symbols. 

  • Selections. Work with different parts of the data. For instance, by using the integrated GO Browser. 

  • Explore NGS data in the fast Genome browser that Supports dynamic filtering on a wide range of entities. 

  • Work with any or multiple statistical filters such as variance filtering. Decide the variance cut-off by the unique Qlucore feature called projection score. 

  • Use k-means clustering, PCA, t-SNE, UMAP and hierarchical clustering to generate hypotheses and do datamining. 

  • Work with synchronized plots. View the data from different angles. 

  • Work with multiple data sets 

  • Compare your own results with data published at GEO and TCGA. 

Read about all features here.  

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