venn diagram

Venn diagram

Visualize list overlaps with a few key presses using Venn Diagram

Do you need a diagram venn maker? Qlucore Omics Explorer is a D.I.Y next-generation bioinformatics software for research in life science, biotech, food and plant industries, as well as academia. The powerful visualization-based data analysis tool with inbuilt powerful statistics delivers immediate results and provides instant exploration and visualization of big data.

                                       venn diagram

Direct list overview with Venn diagrams

One of the available plots in the Qlucore Omics Explorer software is the Venn diagram. The Venn diagram tools is an excellent way to visualize overlap and interaction between lists.

In the program you tend to create many variable lists as you progress your analysis. Your lists capture important output and results and are candidate variables (genes, proteins, metabolites etc) of the study outcome. With a few mouse clicks you create a Venn diagram.

In the Venn diagram you can easily select any of your lists and visualize the interactions, identifying  interesting overlaps, differences etc. The plot is easy to configure, and you can work with up to four lists at the same time.

Venn Diagram lists generation

By clicking in a Venn diagram a list with the variables from the clicked area is directly available in the variable tab.

Venn diagram plot and the Set tool

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Qlucore Omics Explorer is used by scientists and corporations across the globe

“Overall, Qlucore is an intuitive and comprehensive toolset empowering scientists to understand the story that data tells, without an obligation to consult with biostatistician for every minor detail of upcoming analysis.”

Vera Nezgovorova

Postdoctoral Associate, Yale School of Medicine, CT, USA

"The versatile data import and the ease of use are important benefits. Qlucore forms a key role in our research.”

Dr Adam Stevens

University of Manchester, UK

“What I like about Qlucore Omics Explorer is that it really allows scientists such as myself to work hands on with data. By using Qlucore’s software we are now able to look at our data with different hypotheses and with the help of our colleagues this becomes much more a discovery-based science."

Dr. Kevin Wei

Brigham and Women´s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Does it work on my data?

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