Data import

Qlucore Omics Explorer (local as well as cloud) supports a wide variety of data and file formats, see below. Great flexibility is provided with the Import Wizard.

Qlucore Omics Explorer base module supports below data file formats:

  • Aligned BAM files (RNA-seq)
  • 10X Genomics Cell Ranger output files
  • ThermoFisher (Affymetrix) CEL files
  • Arbitrary count data using the import Wizard (*.txt, *.tsv, *.csv)
  • Arbitrary normalized data using the import Wizard (*.txt, *.tsv, *.csv)
  • Affymetrix Probe Set Files (*.chp)
  • Agilent text files (*.txt)
  • Agilent Gene View files (*.txt)
  • Qlucore Data files (*.gedata)
  • Simple Data files (*.txt)
  • BioArray Software Environment files (*.base)
  • Geo Data Sets (*.soft and *.soft.gz)
  • Geo Series Matrix (*.txt and *.txt.gz)
  • R data frame

With the NGS module support for the below files are added:

  • bam files
  • vcf files
  • bed files
  • gtf files
  • txt files for gene fusions


It is possible to import annotations (clinical or other information). The annotations should be stored in a .txt, .tsv, csv or .chip file. The Annotation Import Wizard makes it straightforward to import data from files with many different layouts.

Cloud version​

All types of data are supported after you have uploaded the data to the Cloud hub storage. ​

R users

For users who also use R it is possible to export data to an R data frame and an R data frame can also be read.

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