Data import

Qlucore supports a wide variety of data and file formats, see list below. Great flexibility is provided with the Import Wizard.

Qlucore Omics Explorer base module supports many data file formats:

  • Aligned BAM files (RNA-seq)

  • Affymetrix CEL files

  • Affymetrix Probe Set Files (*.chp)

  • Agilent text files (*.txt)

  • Agilent Gene View files (*.txt)

  • Qlucore Data files (*.gedata)

  • Simple Data files (*.txt)

  • BioArray Software Environment files (*.base)

  • Geo Data Sets (*.soft and *.soft.gz)

  • Geo Series Matrix (*.txt and *.txt.gz)

With the NGS module support for the below files are added:

  • bam files
  • vcf files
  • bed files
  • gtf files

In addition to the data file formats listed above it is possible to import annotations. The annotations should be stored in a .txt or .csv file.

For R users we have scripts that converts data in R to a '.gedata' file and scripts that normalize RNA-seq data. The scripts can be downloaded on the support pages.

Data Import

The "How to Import data" document includes more details about data import.

Watch our video tutorials on how to import data

Download a free trial and test on your own data