Release 3.5

The release includes the completely new Template functionality for scripting work-flows in Python and an extensive upgrade to all 2D plots.

By starting an analysis with the help of the inbuilt Templates it is even easier than earlier to get started. When a Template has executed the user has full freedom to continue the analysis. 

With templates the program can be extended with new functionality and case specific functionality and calculations. Write your own templates or ask a bioinformatician in your organization to write them or use the ones shipped with the program.  

The 2D plots are often used in reports and publications and configuration and content is important. Both these aspects are upgraded significantly. More axis choices, more plots types and much more configuration options. Configuration is also made easier. Click on an axis, title or label and a dialog pops up.  

 Qlucore Omics Explorer 3.5 includes the following news 

  • Work-flow support with templates based on Python 

  • Extensive upgrade of 2D plots. Easier and richer configurability makes it easier to get exactly the presentation and content you look for 

  • More choices of what to include in a plot 

  • Automatic variance setting using projection score  

  • Dimensionality estimation using Scree and Talus plots 

  • More statistics: Tukey based p-values in list export and option to filter on difference 

  • Upgraded NGS module with presentation of HGVS descriptions of the amino acid changes caused by variants both in Genome Browser and report. 


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