Data analysis

Data analysis is a broad area covering multiple approaches and many techniques, with data generated in diverse ways for both academics and researchers in the life science, plant- and biotech industries. 

All over the world, researchers and physicians share a need for understanding complex biological datasets.

Take control of your results

Qlucore Omics Explorer delivers powerful, flexible and easy-to-use visualization of big data for fast analysis and results. It gives you better control of your data, can reveal more patterns and insights at a glance, making it more efficient to generate, validate and report results.

Qlucore Omics Explorer

Challenge - turn experiment data into actionable results

In theory, the more experiment data the better. But the volume and complexity of data generated from modern techniques can create bottlenecks that at best slow workflows, and at worst cloud important insights and results. 

The solution

Qlucore solutions are designed to instantly visualize results as data is input, enabling quick assessment and interpretations without any special training. Scientists benefit from a seamless workflow that requires fewer stoppages for tool development or analysis support.  When bioinformatician support is needed, it won’t be for standard or piecemeal tools or analysis—it will be for advanced solutions and input that leverages the added value they can bring, and makes better use of everyone’s time and skills in advancing the project.

For all types of multi-omics data

Gene expression

Easily examine and analyze data from gene expression experiments. Identify discriminating genes with a few mouse clicks. Results are available in publication ready lists and plots. Read more


Instant response to and visualization of data input makes it easier for researchers to examine and analyze the expression and physical properties of proteins. Read more

RNA-seq single cell

Manage the extremely large data sets from single cell RNA-seq and use visualizations such as PCA, t-SNE and UMAP to gain new insights using an ordinary PC/laptop. Read more


Accelerate cancer research with easy, fast and visual workflows for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). The NGS add-on module includes a highly interactive and flexible genome browser with unique dynamic filtering options. Read more

DNA methylation 

Enabling easier exploration through instant big data visualizations makes Qlucore software well suited to analysis of DNA methylation data in cancer or other research areas. Read more


Simplify examination and analysis of small molecule metabolic products data generated from mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy. Read more


Full peak data analysis work-flow support from normalization to data export. Flexible visualizations and powerful filtering options in the included genome browser make it easy to find interesting features. Read more

Success stories

"Qlucore is a really great way to explore large data quickly."
Darragh Duffy PhD, Immunologist, immunobiology of dendritic cells, Institut Pasteur/Inserm, France
"Not only was the software highly interactive, but it could also be easily understood by biologists, even if they had little or no previous knowledge of bioinformatics."
Dr Kulkarni Division of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC), University of Nottingham, UK 
“I’m very excited using Qlucore Omics Explorer which besides the 3‐D dynamic PCA also offers a broad range of statistical methods such as t‐test, ANOVA and regression.”
Philippe Guardiola PhD, Plateforme SNP, Transcriptome & Epigenomique, University Hospital Angers, France